Frequently Asked Questions


Change of Ownership

If my account information has changed, how do I get updated information to Hawkwood?

Please visit the change of ownership page to update your information. There you will find instructions on what documentation is required.

Please note that all change requests must be made in writing by either mailing the request to our headquarters or emailing owner relations.

Attn: Owner Relations
4582 S Ulster Street Suite #500 Denver, CO 80237

I have provided all required documentation to transfer an interest, when should I expect to receive royalty payments?

Once all required documentation is received, division orders will be sent within 30 days. Once the division orders are signed and returned, royalty payments will be issued in the following revenue cycle.

Royalty Payments

When should I expect my royalty payment?

Revenue is processed once a month and payments are issued between the 25th and 30th of each month.

There is not a set date when payments are made. Please plan accordingly, between the 25th and 30th of each month.

What if I did not receive a royalty payment?

Please contact Owner Relations. The most common reason is because your account has not exceeded the $50.00 minimum required to cut a check.

What do I do if I think my check was lost in the mail?

Checks are not considered lost until the 15th of each month. Please contact us after the 15th and we will be happy to void and re-issue payment in the following revenue cycle.

What should I do if my check is older than 90 days?

Any check older than 90 days should be marked void and sent back to Hawkwood. Once it is received, it will be voided and re-issued in the next revenue cycle.

Returned checks will be voided and re-issued within 45 days of being received.

Direct Deposit/ACH

How can I sign up for direct deposit?

Please complete the ACH onboarding form and submit it along with a voided check or deposit slip.

Where can I find my royalty owner number?

Royalty owner number and payee number are used interchangeably. This number is located in the top left hand corner of royalty payments listed as payee number.

Can multiple owner numbers be used for the same banking account?

Yes, please be sure to specify which owner numbers you would like to be tied to the bank account you provide.

When can I expect electronic payments to begin?

Owners can elect to receive their royalty payments electronically at any time. Hawkwood will work efficiently to update the account to reflect the new information however, one additional paper check may be received before we are able to process payments electronically.

Can I expect payments to be made on the same day each month?

No, payments will be made between the 25th and 30th each month.

Tax Statements/1099

When can I expect my 1099?

1099’s will be mailed on January 31st of the following taxable year.

Due to the increasing number of royalty owners, we are not able to provide any 1099 documentation early.

What if I lost my 1099?

If you have not received your 1099 by February 15th please contact owner relations and we will be happy to provide you a copy.

What if I have questions about my 1099 or property tax statements?

Please contact Owner Relations. We will work with our accounting team to promptly resolve any questions or concerns.

Future Drilling

When will I get paid on a newly drilled well?

Please review your lease documents. Generally, it takes 90 days from the date of first production to receive payments. Please note that you must sign and return your division order and w-9 before you can start receiving payment.

How will I know if I am included in future drilling plans?

If Hawkwood plans to drill in an area where you have an interest, you will receive proper correspondence as well as a division order.

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